Aug 31, 2011

CyberAgent Invests In Korean KakaoTalk /ITmedia

CyberAgnet announced that it invested in Korean company, Kakao Coarporation, messaging application KakaoTalk operator.

KakaoTalk is a smartphone application which allows users to send and receive message like chat. It was launched in Korea at March of the last year. It is said that almost all Korean smartphone users are using the app and it has over 22 million users worldwide including Japan with Japanese version. The investment is conducted through CyberAgent Ventures. ...

ITmedia 8/29/2011

  • CyberAgent Ventures is actively investing in this month to invest in three startups, Kakao Corporation, Retty, and FrogApps. It has invested in many startups in Asia including China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Indonesia, but it seems the first investment in Korea.

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