Apr 5, 2013

Digital Garage, Jointly With NTT Data, Invests In iRidge / Digital Garage press release

iRidge provides popinfo, a solution to push information for sales promotion to smartphone users. The information is to be displayed as popup on a screen of a smartphone, which makes it more recognized than email or others. Since it allows to push information linked with location of users gained by GPS or Wi-Fi, it makes possible to push sale information for only users in a certain radius from a shop. ...

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Digital Garage press release 4/4/2013 [jp]

  • O2O has been one of the hottest keywords in IT industry for a while, but it looks still in trial phase for most of offline-side shops or services. Pushing information based on location is also not a very new concept, but since a penetration rate of smartphone is expected to become greater than feature phones within this year or next, 2013 would become a starting year for serious commercial use for O2O solutions. 
  • http://iridge.jp/

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