Apr 11, 2013

STORYS.JP Operator Raises 30M Yen - Sharing Personality SNS Can't Show / Cnet Japan

ResuPress revealed fundraising of 30 million yen from Incubate Fund and ANRI. With the capital, it plans to improve the service and strengthen marketing activities.

ResuPress operates STORYS.JP which allows users to post their own experience as a story to share with others. Linking with Facebook, it makes possible to understand personality of your Facebook friends through the story, which you cannot get to know only from Facebook posts. The service is free and requires Facebook account. ...

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Cnet Japan 4/11/2013 [jp]

  • STORYS.JP looks like a new way of blogging focusing on users' experience. It successfully provides new format for individuals to express their idea, opinion, or anything. Considering a popularity of blogs and its format has not been changed for a long time, the service would have great potential.
  • http://storys.jp/

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