Apr 11, 2013

GMO-PG Partner With fluxflex To Promote Payment Service, WebPay / Cnet Japan

GMO Payment Gateway announced capital and business partnership with fluxflex, US based but operated by Japanese team, to support its credit card payment service for web developers.

RESTful API, WebPay allows developers to integrate payment function easily in short time. Since the API does not depend on language or OS, developers can easily implement for even in-app purchase for iOS, Android, or Windows. ...

GMO-PG will provide credit card settlement function and infrastructure for member store aiming to have 200 stores use WebPay. ...

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Cnet Japan 4/11/2013 [jp]

  • Various types of commerce services which needs micro payment such as C2C marketplace, vertical commerce, ticket sales, or in-app purchase of mobile games are increasing recently. For these services, Paypal was almost the only means to consider before, but it has been too complicated in terms of its structure of price or types of API. If WebPay can differentiate on simplicity with PayPal, it would have great potential and GMO may be the best partner in Japan.
  • http://www.fluxflex.com/

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