May 29, 2013

[Sd] Japanese voice-acting service adds new languages, announces investment

Voip is a crowdsourcing service for voice-acting work. Since its launch back in January, it has acquired more than 1,500 registered actors in partnership with actor agencies and vocational schools. 
The startup behind the service is called Grood, and it is trying to provide an easy way to fulfill voice acting jobs in areas like social game development or media production. 
The startup announced yesterday that it has added foreign-language voice acting to its menu. Available languages now include English, Mandarin, French, and Italian. ... 
 Voip also announced on Friday that it has received an undisclosed (small) amount of an investment from East Ventures. This follows the previous funding from Incubate Fund back in March of 2012. ...

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Sd 5/25/2013 [en]

  • There are several vertical niche crowdsourcing services targeting on growing market like social games. Among them, voice acting is very unique and there would not be competitors in the field. It is not certain how large the market size is, but considering that increasing contents like games, videos, and animations including consumer generated contents, the market size will become much bigger than now.

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