May 10, 2013

[Sd] Tokyo Otaku Mode and to partner on Japan entertainment news syndication

Japanese startup Tokyo Otaku Mode and (a MTV Japan website serving international audiences) have today announced a joint syndication deal which will see both parties publishing the other’s content. 
Tokyo Otaku Mode, who we have written about frequently on this site, is a distributor of content relating to Japanese subculture, including anime, manga, and even cosplay. But given that there is significant overlap in this Japanese otaku culture and Japan’s more broad entertainment culture, this partnership appears to be a very natural fit. ...
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Sd 5/9/2013 [en]

  • Tokyo Otaku Mode had a fundraising in February from YJ Capital and others when a number of "Like" on its Facebook page was over 10 million which increased to 11.7 million now. It is preparing commerce feature to monetize the huge number of fans.

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