May 14, 2013

[Tech In Asia] CyberAgent Ventures Gets Into the Crowdfunding Business in Japan

Japan’s CyberAgent Ventures has burst onto Japan’s crowdfunding scene with the launch of its new CyberAgent Crowd Funding platform. Actually, it will launch fully this summer, by which time it’ll be ready to match startup companies and neat ideas with people who want to fund them. The new site aims to be raising $1 million per month for its listed projects. ...
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Tech In Asia 5/14/2013 [en]

  • Several crowd funding services have launched in the last two years such as Campfire and Readyfor in Japan. New entrants like Green Girl have followed but still it is not so hot as in the US. The CyberAgent's new service would be more opportunity for these startups rather than threat because a concept of crowd funding will be recognized more broadly.

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