May 29, 2013

Translation Management System, Yaraku Raises Around 100M Yen From VCs And Others / Venture Now

Crowd based translation management system, WorldJumper operator, Yaraku announced fundraising of 108 million yen from Nissay Capital, Nippon Venture Capital, and others. With the capital, it aims to speed up development to expand the service. ...

Yaraku was founded in August, 2009. It had investments from several individual investors when its multi language bulletin board service took award in business contest. However, it did not go well and pivoted two years later to WorldJumper. ...

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Venture Now 5/27/2013 [jp]

  • Crowdsourced translation services are becoming hot recently. Gengo raised 12 million dollars and Conyac entered into the business market from this year. Different from these competitors, World Jumper uses machine translation first and then professional translators make revisions on them. There may be some competition but each has their own suited market respectively due to the different way of translation.

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