Aug 12, 2013

JTOWER, Indoor Communication Equipment Vendor, Raises 1B Yen / TechCrunch Japan

JTOWER provides infrastructure equipment such as antenna or cable for base stations to telecom operators. In concrete terms, it will launch a business to allow multi cellular operators to share infrastructure of JTOWER equipped at commercial facilities, office buildings, and apartment houses. In the US, there are the same business like American Tower which went IPO and has became a large company. JTOWER fundraised 1 billion yen from INCJ, JA Mitsui Leasing, and IT Farm. ...

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TechCrunch Japan 8/12/2013 [jp]

  • As smartphones are more and more used, investment in network infrastructure is becoming a big issue for any mobile operators. It is also benefit for owners of buildings. The business seem to have a huge potential.

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