Aug 20, 2013

Volare Raises 175M Yen To Strengthen Appliv, Apps Review Site / Cnet Japan

Volare revealed that it raised 175 million yen from Nippon Venture Capital (170 million) and an individual investor.

Volare was founded in 2007 to start education business. And then it changed its business domain to SEO and web consulting. Currently, it operates Appliv, an iOS apps review site from August 2012 based on knowledge acquired through the SEO consulting service. ...

The company runs advertising service, Appliv AD, which shows app review as a performance-based advertising charging a fee when the ad is clicked. Advertisers can automatically tender a bid in real-time by just setting a budget and CPC. ...

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Cnet Japan 8/20/2013 [jp]

  • There are many app review sites. It seems not easy to differentiate from others. The advantage of Appliv is that it has directory categorized even smaller than AppStore, which works well for SEO. As apps search still has a large room to be improved on AppStore or Google Play, Appliv may have opportunity to grow much more.

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