Aug 30, 2013

[Sd] Japanese VC invests $2.3M in Korean business intelligence startup

5Rocks is a Korean startup focused on providing business intelligence (BI) tools for mobile gaming developers. The startup announced today that it has raised 2.55 billion Korean won (approximately $2.3 million) from Japanese venture capital Global Brain. ... 
5Rocks was launched back in September of 2010 and raised 2 billion won ($1.8 million) from Seoul-based Stone Bridge Capital. The startup was previously known as Ablar Company, providing a mobile-based restaurant finder and booking services for Korean consumers. Back in June, the company rebranded itself as 5Rocks and started developing the mobile BI tools, capitalizing on its previous experience in the mobile app business. ...
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Sd 8/29/2013 [en]

  • Since a mobile game industry is becoming more cost intensive than before, it becomes difficult space for startups. Instead, startups who provides solutions to game developers such as advertising, analyzing, and testing seem to be increasing recently. 

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