Sep 2, 2013

[Sd] Anime illustration crowdsourcing platform raises $1.3M

Crowdsoucing platforms can be divided into two categories: 1) general purpose and 2) industry-focused. The latter is very much focused on specific business fields such as translation or design, and such crowdsourcing platforms are on the rise. 
MugenUp is a Tokyo-based startup that provides a crowdsourcing platform for animated content and illustrations. The company just announced that it has raised series B funding worth 130 million yen (or approximately $1.3 million) from Industrial Growth Platform and SMBC Venture Capital. ...
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Sd 8/30/2013 [en]

  • Other industry-focused crowdsourcing startups include Gengo and Conyac (Translation), and Designclue (Design). While, leading crowdsourcing services for general purpose by startups would be Lancers and Crowdworks. 

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