Sep 24, 2013

[Sd] Forget food photos. Japan’s ‘Instapaper for Interiors’ raises $1M

Tokyo-based Tunnel is the startup behind RoomClip, a photo sharing service that lets you show off your room. The company announced today that it has raised 100 million yen ($1 million) from Femto Growth Capital. Coinciding with this funding, the investment firm’s general partner Tetsuya Isozaki will join the board of the startup. 
Tunnel was founded back in November of 2011. Previously it received seed investment of 10 million yen ($100,0000) from Samurai Incubate and Cyber Agent Ventures back in 2011. ...
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Sd  9/20/2013 [en]

  • A lot of photo sharing apps have appeared and many of them seem to find difficult to monetize even if they have a large active users. Photo sharing of rooms sounds too niche, but the app may show enough traction to raise the fund. In fact, photos of interior goods may be compatible with EC.

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