Sep 20, 2013

[Sd] Japanese startup Fello raises $1M to help game developers improve user retention

Singapore-based Unicon, the Japanese startup behind user retention improvement platform Fello, announced today that it has raised 100 million yen (approximately $1 million) from Jafco and other Japanese investors. With these funds, the startup will intensify engineering and marketing efforts and is planning to set up an office in Japan. 
The platform provides testing and analysis features for typical mobile gaming app functions such as push notification or messaging via an SDK. According to the startup’s CEO Ryuichi Tanaka, more than 100 app developers have signed up for the service since its launch back in August. ...
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Sd 9/12/2013 [en]

  • Providing app developers with solutions to acquire, retain, or analyze users is becoming one of the hottest category for venture investment recently. Particularly, mobile game developers are their main target since they are increasing a budget for development. 

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