Sep 30, 2013

CyberAgent Launches "Fujita Fund" To Invest 10B Yen / Cnet Japan

CyberAgent establishes a new division to accelerate its venture investment. It plans to collaborate with its venture investing arm, CyberAgent Ventures. The CEO, Mr. Fujita said that the concept is Fujita Fund. He, himself as an entrepreneur and manager, invests in startups. ...

The new division targets middle and later stage companies. The amount is case by case. It does not plan to establish a fund, but secures 10 billion yen budget in the division aiming to invest in one startup a month. ...

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Cnet Japan 9/25/2013 [jp]

  • It sounds like overlapping with CyberAgent Ventures, but the subsidiary focuses on seed or early stage startups. Also, CyberAgent Ventures does not necessarily stick to synergy with the parent company when selecting startups to invest. It is very interesting to see what kind of companies Mr. Fujita choose to invest.  

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