Apr 28, 2014

[Tech In Asia] Music startup Beatrobo gets $1.1 million funding to reinvent the mixtape

Japanese convenience store chain Lawson will announce its US$1.1 million series A investment in Tokyo-based startup Beatrobo later today, Tech in Asia has learned. 
Beatrobo is a global, social music service that uses customizable robot avatars as a conduit for sharing songs and discovering new artists. The company’s first attempt at hardware, PlugAir, may become the digital mixtape of the future. The tiny device plugs into a mobile device’s earphone jack and acts as a key for instantly downloading music. ..
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Tech In Asia 4/20/2014 [en]

  • It is rare that Lawson invests in startups. The convenience store chain may find great potential to collaborate with Beatrobo for distributing PlugAir.
  • https://www.beatrobo.com/

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