Apr 1, 2014

[The Bridge] Japanese startup Translimit raises $100,000 to launch social quiz app

Tokyo-based startup Translimit announced today that it has raised 10 million yen (about $100,000) from Genuine Startups and Skyland Ventures. The funds will go towards launching a mobile quiz app with social competition features. The app will be called BrainWars, with an iOS version coming in mid-April, and an Android version to follow in June. 
BrainWars pits players against one another, playing three sets of mental exercise games (15 seconds each) to see which player performs better. Since these games require no verbal response, and users around the world can play and compete against each other regardless of language. The match is arranged to let you to play in real time, but if you can’t find anyone available to compete with, you can compete with someone you know according to their past results. ...
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The Bridge 3/17/2014 [en]

  • BrainWars's concept will be very similar to US's popular app, QuizUp. Since Colopl's Quiz based RPG has made great success with 22 million downloads mostly from Japan, BrainWars should have potential to become a smash hit. 
  • http://translimit.co.jp/

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