Apr 11, 2014

[The Bridge] Japan’s EventRegist raises $1.6 million from Nikkei

Tokyo-based EventRegist provides a mobile app for event organizers. It lets you announce events, handle ticketing, and collect admission fees from guests. The startup announced today that it has raised 165 million yen (about $1.6 million) from Japanese newspaper company Nikkei. 
Since its launch back in November of 2011, EventRegist has been available to five markets, offering service in Japanese, English, Indonesian, Thai, and traditional Chinese. They will use these new funds to intensify product development and marketing efforts. ...
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The Bridge 4/1/2014 [en]

  • It is very rare for Nikkei to invest in a startup, but it is actually a good match for Nikkei because Nikkei group organizes lots of events. Also, EventRegist focuses more on large scaled events held by enterprises than C2C small events which several other startups target. The investment may bring benefit for both sides.
  • http://eventregist.com/

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