Oct 21, 2010

CRI Middleware and Valup provides free PR distribution tool for iPhone apps

CRI Middleware and Valup Tehcnology starts to provide CLOUDIA Starter Plan, which is a basic service of CLOUDIA, in-apps PR engine for iPhone and iPad applications co-developed by those companies.

CLOUDIA is a marketing tool for publisher of iPhone/iPad applications, which consists of an engine displaying PR information in applications and server system for effect measurement and real-time contents distribution. Contents to distribute can be updated on servers, so it is not necessary to update application itself.

The starter plan allows users to use basic features such as catalog function in apps and contents distribution. In addition to basic features, effect measurement features such as analyzing end users' behavior and effect of PR will be available with CLOUDIA Premium Plan, which costs 50,000 yen per month.

CNET 10/20/2010

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