Nov 5, 2010

CyberAgent announced Ameba becomes a cash cow

CyberAgent announced its annual financial settlement ending September 2010. Ameba business including blog service, Ameblo, and virtual community, Ameba Pigg, made 2.48 billion yen of operating profit increased by 2.7 billion yen from the last year. A number of users are increasing by 300,000 to 400,000 per month, which reaches 11.66 million as of the end of October. A revenue of the business unit in the forth quarter of the fiscal term is 2.6 billion yen, 1.5 billion of which is advertising and the rest is from paid service such as mobile games.

ARPU per month is 1455 yen for PC service and 1043 yen for mobile service as of September. It has been rapidly increasing for the past three months, which is mainly due to casino game and fishing game on Ameba Pigg.

Ameba business unit is focusing on smartphone applications including social networking service as well as services for feature phones. The company aims to generate at least 4 billion yen of profit next fiscal year with Ameba business.

CNET 11/5/2010

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