Nov 2, 2010

DeNA announced Q2 earnings - Revenue tripled on a year-to-year basis to 27B yen

DeNA announced the financial statement of its second quarter (2010 July-September). The revenue is 27 billion yen and the operating profits is 13.6 billion yen.
The biggest contributor for the growth is social media business such as virtual goods sales of social games, which shares 23.2 billion yen.

The company's operating social networking service, Mobage-town reaches 21.67 million users. It has 241 of 3rd party game develops providing 567 game titles. Moba-coin, virtual money for social games, is consumed 18 times more than January of this year.

Yahoo! Mobage, social game service for PC launched on October 7th, has 840,000 users as of October 28th. 15% of users are 10s, 29% for 20s and 56% for over 30s. It has succeeded to acquire higher aged users than Mobage-town, which is aligned with its original intention.

CNET 11/1/2010 

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