Nov 9, 2010

Phyzios raised 450 million yen

Phyzios announced that it raised 450 million yen from five venture capitals, including Globis Capital Partners, Daiwa Corporate Investment, Nissei Capital, Mizuho Capital, and University of Tokyo Edge Capital.

Phyzios is launched from University of Tokyo developing physical simulation technology which treats any materials as particles with different properties.  With the technology, the startup develops PHYZIOS Studio, game or art creation tool, and iPhone/iPad applications on its own or partnering with other companies.

The company won Innovation Winner Award competing among 35 startups from around the world at Plug and Play iEXPO 2010, presentation conference of technology ventures held at Plug and Play Tech Center, incubation center at Silicon Valley.

Phyzios plans to strengthen human resource with this capital. Also it aims to extend partnering activities such as providing upper grade version of Tomica Hyper Rescue Lite co-developing with Takara Tomy Entamedia.

CNET 11/9/2010

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