Nov 10, 2010

VC expands foreign investment

Venture Capitals expand investment in foreign companies, such as startups in Asia growing rapidly. IPO is so active in Asia that it is easier to get return on investment. Strong yen also accelerates overseas investment.

SBI Holdings agreed on establishing venture fund with Fudan University in China. It plans to set up US$ 80 million of fund within the first half of 2011 and invest in startups such as bio, green tech, and IT launched from Fudan University. The company also plans to set up a fund targeting for potential companies in Brazil or North Africa in the near future.

An amount of foreign investment of SBI in the first half of 2010 (April to September) was 37.1 billion yen increased by 50% on a year-over-year basis.

CyberAgent's subsidiary, CyberAgent Ventures will establish a fund to invest in Asian startups in the next spring. Total amount is expected to be 5 billion yen. Its target will be EC or Internet advertising in Vietnam or Indonesia. The corporate VC set up 1.2 billion yen of fund this month focusing on greater China jointly with Japan Asia Investment.

Jafco expands target segments from IT to green technology. Its foreign investment of the first half of 2010 increased by 61% to 5 billion yen. Especially investment in Asia increased three times. In October, it established a fund with $80 million investing in Asian startups.

Nikkei 11/10/2010

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