Apr 3, 2012

D2C Invests 70M Yen In Alfredcore, Radiko Developer / Cnet Japan

D2 Communications announced that it invested in Alfredcore, which develops ALFCLOUD, cloud service and radiko.jp, a smartphone app.

It said that both will jointly develop new services such as social service by taking advantage of video streaming technology and engineering capability of Alfredcore. ...

Cnet Japan 4/2/2012

  • Alfredcore provides several cloud services based on streaming technology, such as multi-client streaming, e-learning, and video conference.   
  • radiko.jp is a simultaneous radio service established by most of Japanese radio stations and Dentsu.
  • D2C is active in venture investment recently such as investing in Ubiquitous Entertainment, mobile application and middleware, developer and Kauli, ad tech, in February.
  • http://alfredcore.com/

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