Apr 12, 2012

[Tech in Asia] Japan-based Food Photo App SnapDish to Cooperate with China’s Renren

While the biggest news by far in the photo-sharing world was undoubtedly Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, there’s a photo app here in Japan which is starting to take some impressive steps. We wrote about the food photo app SnapDish (www.snapdi.sh) last year, and today we heard some news from them. 
The company has just announced a partnership with Chinese social network Renren.com (NYSE:RENN), which will allow Chinese users to share food photos directly to Renren using the SnapDish iOS application. In addition, Renren will be promoting SnapDish to its users in its application section. ...
Tech In Asia 4/10/2012 [en]

  • Several large Internet companies such as DeNA, Gree, or Rakuten have entered into Chinese market partnering with local partners, however, it is not so often for startup like SnapDish succeeding to have partnership with such a big player in China. Some mobile photo sharing service from Japan such as DECOPIC and Snapeee are getting popular in Asian countries. SnapDish may follow or even overtake them taking advantage of the alliance. 
  • http://snapdi.sh/

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