Apr 17, 2012

Klab Acquires Pikkle To Accelerate Global Strategy / Reuters

Klab announced that it acquired Pikkle, social application provider to make it subsidiary. Pikkle can utilize know-how of social game operation of Klab, and Klab can acquire human resources of Pikkle.

Mr. David Collier, CEO of Pikkle, has experience in game industry in Japan, Europe, and US having deep knowledge of the applications. It is considered that Klab's global strategy will proceed largely through letting the well experienced person in foreign countries join.

Reuters 4/16/2012  [jp]

  • There have appeared a lot of social game developers on mobile game platforms, GREE and Mobage, in the few years, but it seems that times are dramatically changing to that several successful developers are getting bigger such as Klab, gumi, or Gloops competing with large corporations such as Konami or Square Enix. Also, even though Japanese market for social mobile game is still growing, more and more developers are looking to global market taking advantage of cash and human resources acquired through the huge success as well as the platform's global expansion strategy.
  • http://www.klab.jp/ 
  • http://www.pikkle.com/

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