Apr 5, 2012

[Tech in Asia] Social Music Service Beatrobo Raises $600,000 in Funding

Social music site Beatrobo has received funding from three companies: CyberAgent Ventures, KLab Ventures, and Movida Japan. The total investment sum is $600,000. The website (beatrobo.com) is in English and aimed at a global audience, and hopefully these funds can help in its expansion efforts. 
Anyone can sign up to try out Beatrobo as long as you have a Facebook account. Once you’ve done that, you can add songs to your playlist, bringing in YouTube videos that can be played on the Beatrobo platform. You can comment on them, and if your friends are also on Beatrobo, you can share with them as well. The social aspect of the service is pretty interesting, using the cute robot avatars as vehicles for bringing songs to and from your friends. ...

Tech in Asia 4/5/2012 [en]

  • Beatrobo was launched at December 20, 2011 and achieved over 10,000 users registered. The company plans to distribute a gadget in which play list is installed and can be plugged to iPhone through earphone jack to exchange play list with friends.
  • https://www.beatrobo.com/

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