Apr 3, 2012

Synclogue Raised Capital From Two VCs / Venture Now

Synclogue announced an allocation of new shares to Nissay Capital and SMBC Venture Capital. The startup also revealed that it changed the company name from Joho Planet to Synclogue.

Along with the capital increase, Nissay Capital and SMBC Venture Capital bought all shares which existing share holders, Samurai Incubate I and ngi Venture Community Fund II, have owned. ...

The company was founded in September 2006 to run Gakunai.jp, user generated contents service for high school students. From 2011, it changed the business domain to Synchlogue, which enables virtualization and synclonization of Windows application. ...

Venture Now 4/3/2012 [jp]

  • It may be quite rare case that venture capitals bought shares from existing investors of venture capitals. It is expected that similar cases would increase this year because rapidly increased accelerators would start to look for exit.
  • http://www.synclogue.com/

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