Nov 21, 2012

Cookpad Invests 42M Yen In Zaim, Household Accounts App / ITmedia

Zaim, an operator of household accounting service for smartphone, announced allocation of new shares to Cookpad. The amount is 42 million yen. It aims to provide total service related to money by allowing to use from PC and tablet.

Zaim was launched by Takako Kansai individually. She launched iPhone app on July last year, and then Android app on this March. Zaim was incorporated in this September along with surpassing 10 million items of income and expense.

ITmedia 11/21/2012 [jp]

  • Cookpad is the largest recipe site in Japan with over 1.3 million recipes posted. It does not seem that the two services have instant synergy, but the main target users are common, housewives. Since Cookpad is expanding the business such as e-commerce of vegetable, it would have some ideas to take advantage of the investment.

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