Nov 21, 2012

Langrich Holdings Raise 50M Yen From KLab Ventures And Other / Cnet Japan

Langrich Holdings announced fundraising from KLab Ventures and three individual investors of about 50 million yen in total.

The company started Langrich, an online English learning service using Skype in 2010. At the launch, it established a corporation in Japan and Philippines, but currently it has a holding company in Singapore to subsidize the two companies. The finance is for the entity in Singapore.

There are many Skype based English learning services, however it has advantage in stable video chat with dedicate line by having office in Cebu in Philippines. ...

Cnet Japan 11/20/2012 [jp]

  • Some people say that education industry would be one of promising area for Internet startups citing several US startups like Khan Acadmy, but there are not very successful business model in Japan yet. Skype-based English learning will be the most potential one in terms of demands from users. But because the entry barrier for the service is not that high, the competition is getting fierce. It is interesting to see whether only a few players become dominant or many more players can exist.

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