Nov 12, 2012

Social Game, Boku no Restaurant Developer, enish Goes IPO On Mothers / VentureNow

Social app developer, enish is approved for IPO on Mothers market from Tokyo Stock Exchange. The date is December 11th. ...

enish was founded as synphonies 100% funded by Kii on February, 2009. The startup operate mobile social games such as Boku no Restaurant which links location information with restaurants nationwide. In July, 2010, it raised 80 million yen from GREE and had alliance with the company in a year later leading rapid growth. The transaction with GREE in 2011 reaches around 2 billion yen to share 80% of the total amount. ...

Venture Now 11/8/2012 [jp]

  • Although GREE has over 20% share of the company, enish provides games on other platforms including Mobage, mixi, and Han Game. It provides O2O service by tie-up with restaurant chains, hotels. and convenience stores for campaigns.

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