Nov 6, 2012

Test Automation For Android, Sonix Opens Office In North America And Singapore / Cnet Japan

Sonix announced establishment of branch offices in Silicon Valley and Singapore. The company provides Scirocco Cloud, test automation service for Android devices as well as open source software and library for Android.

Scirocco Cloud connects Android devices to its dedicated servers by USB to allow users to test their application through Internet. ...

Overseas offices run marketing activity respectively, and also develop testing environment in data center for devices sold locally. There are competitors such as Perfecto Mobile which covers North America, UK, and Israel, and Keynote Systems which focuses on North America. Sonix said it plans to operate services for Japan, North America, and South East Asia within one year and a half. ...

Sonix was founded in 2006 and raised 150 million yen from Dentsu Digital Holdings and Nissay Capital.

Cnet Japan 11/6/2012 [jp]

  • Smartphone applications are becoming boarder less, but still Japanese device market has many Japan-only models from local manufacturers. So, there may be strong needs for the service from foreign developers who want to succeed in Japan market. Also, some app developers from Japan are becoming successful in foreign market. It is very useful for them to be able to test with devices which are not sold in Japan. It is a good example to take advantage of Japanese so-called Galapagos mobile environment. 

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