Nov 1, 2012

CrowdWorks Raises 300M Yen From Itochu And Others / Cnet Japan

CrowdWorks announced allocation of new shares of 300 million yen to Itochu Technology Ventures, Digital Garage, and Suneight Investment.

CrowdWorks runs crowd sourcing service focused on engineers and web designers which allows matching contractees and contractors, executing the work, and paying compensation without meeting face to face. It is also possible to order work by the hour.

The service was launched on March 21 for closed beta. Over 2000 contractees have used it for seven months and the total amount of orders posted exceeds 660 million yen. ...

Cnet Japan 10/31/2012 [jp]

  • Crowd sourcing is one of the hottest areas for Internet related startups recently. Lancers is a direct competitor of CrowdWorks in terms of categories of works. There are also many crowd sourcing services focusing on more specific area such as MUGENUP which focuses on design for social game and Gengo or Conyac which are sourcing translation. Another interesting area would be testing mobile applications such as Launch App, UI Scope, or Mintest.

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