Jun 24, 2013

Credit Card Linked Coupon Service, "Saison Card Linked Offer" To Launch, The Operator, Kanmu Also Announces Fundraising / Sd

Credit card linked promotion service, Card Linked Offer operator, Kanmu announced to launch Saison Card Linked Offer jointly with Credit Saison. In addition, Kanmu fundraised about 43 million yen from East Ventures, ANRI, and an individual investor.

Card Linked Offer is a new way of sales promotion launched in the US which analyzes user data of the credit card and offers coupons and other benefit customized for the user. What is unique about the service is that by just indicating use of the coupon clicking a banner online, the user will receive the benefit by using the credit card at the shop. ...

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Sd 6/24/2013 [jp]

  • Kanmu was founded in January 2011. Credit Saison is quite positive to partner with startups compared with other financial companies. The credit card company announced a partnership with Coiney, credit card billing service using a smartphone, in back April. 
  • https://clo.kanmu.co.jp/

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