Jun 17, 2013

Metaps Releases spike, Free Online Credit Payment Service / Cnet Japan

Metaps launched closed beta version of spike, free online payment service on June 17th. It is provided for invited users only at this moment. Since it is in the process of applying international patent, the service  is planned to be open to the public after the summer.

Usually, it needs a commission fee and a transaction fee to use a credit card payment solution online. For instance, PayPal charges 3.6% of commission and 40 yen of transaction fee for local transactions. spike allows users to use for totally free without any initial or fixed monthly cost as well as these commission fees and transaction fees. The company says it will not disclose how to monetize the service until it receives international patent. ...

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Cnet Japan 6/17/2013 [jp]

  • Online payment is a huge business and is expected to grow even more. The service is really disruptive. Metaps provides reward ads for mobile apps, so it is expected that the business model of spike could be related to advertising. Anyway it is very interesting to see the monetization model and also how quickly the service grows.
  • http://www.metaps.com/

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