Jun 20, 2013

[Sd] Japanese fashion-focused startup Youtfit raises $310,000 from Incubate Fund

Japanese fashion startup Youtfit today announced that it has raised 30 million yen (approximately $310,000) from Tokyo-based Incubate Fund. The startup is known for having started Japan Style, a magazine-like mobile app targeting the Asia region. 
In addition, the company launched a social fashion app (also called Youtfit) back in May of 2012, allowing users to post and share their outfits. Available in Japanese, Thai, and English, the app also allows you to evaluate other users’ posts with a five-step evaluation system, with cute, sexy, cool, elegant, and unique being the chosen criteria. ...
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Sd 6/20/2013 [en]

  • These two apps currently do not have monetization model. Similar type of social fashion service, iQON allows users to buy items by linking to other EC sites. It is interesting to see if Youtfit will adopt the same monetization model or has other strategy to make money.
  • http://company.youtfit.com/

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