Jun 3, 2013

Skype English Lesson, Rarejob Raises 330M Yen From KDDI, YJ Capital, CyberAgent And Others / Cnet Japan

Online English lesson, Rarejob fundraised 330 million yen by allocation of new shares to KDDI Open Innovation Fund, YJ Capital, Cyber Agent, Cyber Agent Ventures, Global Brain, and Mitsubishi UFJ Capital.

Rarejob provides English lesson from Philippine teachers using Skype. It has about 40 employees in Japan and 100 in the Philippines. A total number users is 170,000. ...

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Cnet Japan 6/3/2013 [jp]

  • There are many competitors which provide online English lessons using Skype in Japan such as Langrich, Cafe Talk, and more. There are even comparison portal sites for these services. Among them, Rarejob claims to be the largest services in terms of a number of lessons and teachers. With the fundraising, Rarejob will try to widen the gap. It will be tougher for its competitors.
  • http://www.rarejob.com/


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