Jun 19, 2013

[Sd] Japanese accounting solution provider, A-SaaS, raises $6.6 million

Accounting SaaS Japan, or A-SaaS for short, is a Tokyo-based startup providing solutions to Japanese accounting firms. The startup announced that today it has raised 625 million yen (approximately $6.6 million) from SalesForce.com, GREE Ventures, and Mobile Internet Capital. ...
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Sd 6/13/2013 [en]

  • The combination of investors is quite interesting. A-SaaS is a typical company that Salesforce.com invests. But, for Gree Ventures, it is a bit different from other portfolio which are mainly B2C or B2B2C even though it does not necessarily target synergy with its parent company, Gree. That is also true for Mobile Internet Capital which generally invests in startups in the mobile related area. 
  • http://www.a-saas.com/

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