Aug 13, 2014

Crowdworks Fundraises From Recruit Aiming Business Synergy / TechCrunch Japan

Crowd sourcing service operator, Crowdworks raised capital from RSP Fund V, investing arm of Recruit Holdings. The amount is not disclosed but considered to be several tens of million yen.

The startup has raised around 1.4 billion yen in total from CyberAgent, Dentsu, and venture capitals. This fundraising would be aiming business synergy rather than for finance needs.

Crowdworks has 198,000 registered members and around 36,000 companies in total has ordered. The total amount of works submitted surpasses 14.2 billion yen. ...

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TechCrunch Japan 8/8/2014 [jp]

  • Crowdsourcing services are growing. Among them, Crowdworks is considered to be one of the largest sites. Crowdworks provides wide range of services from programming, design, to photo shooting, and marketing research. In order to increase a number of works, partnering with other services including existing real services may be a key. Its competitor, Lancers also establishes many partnerships.

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