Aug 19, 2014

[The Bridge] Japan’s crowdsourcing/rewards platform operator Realworld files for IPO

Tokyo-based Realworld, the company that operates a crowdsourcing/rewards platform in Japan, has announced that it has been approved for an IPO on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market on Friday. The company will be listed on September 18th with plans to offer 220,700 shares for public subscription and to sell 73,600 shares in over-allotment options for a total of 270,400 shares. The underwriting will be led by Daiwa Securities. ...
Since establishment in July 2005, the company has been operating several crowdsourcing/rewards platforms such as Crowd and Lifemile, the latter being acquired from CyberAgent in 2011. The combined total of users across these several platforms is 8.5 million. ...
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The Bridge 8/18/2014 [en]

  • We see a lot of fundraising news of crowdsourcing service recently. Realworld is one of the earliest company providing crowdsourcing service in Japan. It is interesting to see if other crowdsourcing startups to follow for IPO in the near future.

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