Aug 19, 2014

[The Bridge] Japan’s crowdsourced app development service Sekai Lab raises $1.2M

Tokyo-based Monstar Lab, the company that provides crowdsourced offshore app development service Sekai Lab, announced last week that it has fundraised 120 million yen (approximately $1.2 million) from East Ventures, SMBC Venture Capital, and Mitsubishi UFJ Capital. 
The company launched Sekai Lab in March, where Japanese companies can crowdsource their app development tasks at affordable rates from over 300 teams comprising 3,000 crowdsourced engineers from 10 countries. ...
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The Bridge 8/14/2014 [en]

  • Crowdsourcing services are booming. Among them, software development may be one of the most popular tasks. So, offshore development must have strong needs, however, it is also true that many of clients may have concern about communication with foreign developers. Sekai Lab probably have enough knowledge to provide appropriate support for the communication between clients and developers in order to run the service. 

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