Sep 1, 2014

[Tech In Asia] Japanese market research startup gets $2.2 million in fresh funding

Research & Innovation, a Japanese startup which specializes in market research support, announced today that it has received JPY 220 million (US$2.12 million) in funding from Mizuho Capital, Jafco, and DBJ Capital. Mizuho Capital participated in both previous funding rounds from 2012 and 2013. 
Research & Innovation has two main products. Mycomment, a service that incentivizes users to rate and judge products via free trials or even cold hard cash. Companies then use these comments and ratings to improve their own products. Code, meanwhile, is an app that scans the barcodes of products. Users register those barcodes, add their reviews, and then get similar benefits as Mycomment users. 
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Tech In Asia 8/22/2014 [en]

  • Online research services have quite long history as an Internet service, so it would not seem to be growing so much any more. However, Code allows users to review with their smartphone, which is much easier than using PC. The app may have a potential to expand the market.

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