Sep 10, 2014

[The Bridge] Japan’s keyword linking tech developer Studio Ousia raises $1M for new app

Japan’s Studio Ousia, a startup developing keyword mining and linking solutions, announced Tuesday that it has fundraised 100 million yen ($1 million) from Tokyo-based system integration company NID (TSE:2349). According to NID, the investor has taken a 33.5% stake in Studio Ousia. Studio Ousia will use the funds to strengthen the development of new apps based on the Entity Linking technology. 
Studio Ousia is an standout graduate from Keio University SFC’s incubation program. In 2012, the company launched a smartphone browser add-on product called Phroni, and funraised 70 million yen (about $864,000) from Nissay Capital. ...
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The Bridge 9/3/2014 [en]

  • Phroni automatically selects keywords which users would have interest and set link to Wikipedia and so on. It is expected to be particularly useful for smart devices, but at this moment it seems not widely used. For what kind of applications does the startup utilize the interesting technology using the new capital?

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