Oct 9, 2014

[Tech In Asia] Japan’s DeNA makes rare double acquisition for $50M in an effort to diversify

DeNA added new punch to its business today, announcing acquisitions of Iemo and Peroli. Total cost was not disclosed but a DeNA representative confirmed to Tech in Asia that the two deals are worth US$50 million. 
Both are news curation services. Iemo is focused on home-design whereas Peroli’s key product, Mery, targets ladies fashion. “[This is] part of DeNA’s previously-announced strategy to bring digital innovation to offline industries,” a company spokesperson told Tech in Asia. 
Both services are young. Mery launched in April 2013 and Iemo followed suit. Mery’s monthly active users exceed 12 million while Iemo is hitting a more modest 1.5 million. ...
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Tech In Asia 10/1/2014 [en]

  • DeNA seems not doing so well in smartphone gaming market. The company needs to diversify its business and has launched several new services including Manga app or genetic testing service by its own. The acquisition of the two early stage startups shows that DeNA is even accelerating the strategy. It is a good sign for startups in general since they can expect acquisition as an exit more than ever.
  • http://iemo.jp/
  • http://mery.jp/

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