Oct 9, 2014

[Tech In Asia] With investment from Fuji TV and Sega Networks, Goopa shifts gears to game-focused crowdfunding service

Earlier this week, Tokyo-based startup Goopa announced that it received an undisclosed amount of funding from Japanese television network Fuji TV and Sega’s mobile gaming-focused division Sega Networks. 
Until recently, Goopa was best known for Anipipo, a service that allows users to crowdfund independent anime from up-and-coming artists. The service was even backed by Hayao Miyazaki apprentice Kenji Itoso. The new investment, however, signals a shift away from Anipipo and toward Crowdrive – a crowdfunding platform for indie games that is scheduled to launch later this month. ...
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Tech In Asia 10/2/2014 [en]

  • Crowdfunding services such as Kickstarter become very big in global market. However, even though several crowdfunding services have been launched in Japan since three or four years ago, they are still not so successful as in US or Europe. There maybe not many game development projects in these services so far. It is interesting to see if focusing on game development backed by two big names could change the status.
  • http://www.goopa.co.jp/ 

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