Feb 1, 2012

[KDDI Press Release] KDDI Establishes KDDI Open Innovation Fund

KDDI Corporation today announced the establishment of the KDDI Open Innovation Fund, a corporate venture capital fund that will support promising startup companies. Plans call for a total investment in the fund of ¥5.0 billion. This is the first corporate venture capital fund established by KDDI. 
Through the fund, KDDI will invest in promising startup companies in Japan and overseas. In addition, through cooperative activities, KDDI will support service development, provide platforms for developing cloud services, and cooperate in promotional initiatives. In this way, KDDI will foster the development of high-quality applications and services and support the growth of startup companies. ... 
The fund will be managed by Global Brain Corporation, which has a strong track record in the venture capital business. ...
  • KDDI has been actively involved with startup related activities including partnership (colopl, Tonchidot), investment (A-Fund, giftee, Synclunch, colopl, Tonchidot and others), and incubation program (Mugen Labo) recently. The fund will accelerate the activity further.

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