Feb 8, 2012

[Penn Olson] Venture Generation: The Latest Startup Incubator in Tokyo

J-Seed Ventures, a Japan-based startup fund, this morning announced Venture Generation, a 180 square-meter startup incubator located in Tokyo. The space is set up for fledgling startups — both local and foreign — to enjoy a co-working space at an affordable monthly rate. Some of the facilities you can expect are WiFi, workstations, office equipment, and also three conference rooms for meetings. 
More than 25 venture advisers have committed to support Venture Generation members on a voluntary basis. Two of those 25 are Michael Korver, co-founding partner of GVC, and Tetsuya Isozaki, founder of Femto Startup, a hands-on fund that focuses on helping entrepreneurs. ...
Penn Olson 2/8/2012 [en]

  • Y Combinator type of accelerating programs and co-working or incubation center spaces are increasing recently. CyberAgent Ventures plans to open a large scale of incubation office in late February. Other incubation spaces include Samurai Startup Island, Sunbridge Global Venture Habitat, B Dash Lab, and many more.

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