Feb 27, 2012

Studio Ousia Raises 70M Yen From Nissay Capital / Venture Now

Studio Ousia was founded on February, 2007 through collaboration with Keio University SFC. Since the foundation, it has developed technology of natural language analysis using artificial intelligence and Hyperlinking of web pages. Currently students of SFC are working as engineer. With the fundraising, it will enforce development resource for Phroni, a new technology for smartphone and tablet to hire new engineers.

Phroni is a technology to make web browsing more efficient. When users search a keyword in text on web sites with touch screen devices, they need cumbersome procedure such as highlighting the keyword by hold and swipe, copying, pasting, and searching. The technology solves the problem.

Its original artificial intelligence engine analyzes text to extract keywords which users  are likely interested and automatically add link to them, which allows users to just tap to search keywords. ...

Venture Now 2/27/2012 [jp]


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