Jan 21, 2014

CyberAgent Invests In e-Book Venture, Woody Supporting Former Employee To Startup / Mynavi News

CyberAgent announced on January 9th to invest in Woody which runs ebook related businesses.

Woody is a startup which Mr. Nakazato, who worked at CyberAgent until October 2013, established in November.  ...

Woody plans to provide ebook dedicated editing tools for writers around spring of 2014 as well as promotion service. It aims to allow not only professional writers, but also bloggers and amateur users to publish ebook easily. ...

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Mynavi news 1/10/2014 [jp]

  • The investment comes from CyberAgent itself, not CyberAgent Ventures. At the launch of CyberAgent's investment business, it said to target middle stage startups and CyberAgent Ventures invests in seed/early stage startups. But Woody is seed stage, so it may widen the criteria to choose startups now.
  • http://www.thewoody.jp/

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