Jan 28, 2014

[The Bridge] Japan’s AdInnovation partners with Digital Advertising Consortium

Tokyo-based AdInnovation, the startup behind mobile ad analytics solutions AdStore Tracking and Hitracking, announced today that it has partnered with Digital Advertising Consortium (TSE:4281, DAC for short), raising an undisclosed sum of funding from the latter. We were told that AdInnovation became an equity-method affiliate of DAC through the partnership. 
Since its launch back in 2010, AdInnovation has been providing white-label ad performance tracking solutions to many Japanese mobile ad agencies. They raised $1.6 million from several Japanese investors back in July, and recently launched a new performance analytics tool called Hitracking. ...
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The Bridge 1/24/2014 [en]

  • The amount is not disclosed but equity-method affiliate means DAC probably takes over 20% of shares of AdInnovation. As smartphone advertising industry is rapidly growing and changing, many partnerships and acquisitions will follow this year.
  • http://adinnovation.co.jp/

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